Welcome Home Inventables X-Carve

Welcome Home Inventables X-Carve

After much anticipation, the Inventables X-Carve has been arrived and now has a permanent home in the DIY Brunet shop!

From the Inventables Website:

X-Carve is a 3D carving machine that can carve designs out of a variety of materials: wood, plastics (e.g. acrylic and HDPE) and other materials. The versatility of machines like X-Carve (often called 3D carving machines, CNC milling machines, or CNC routing machines) is that they can be used to aid all kinds of projects and applications. 

Many people use X-Carve to make gifts for friends and family members, items to decorate their home, and products to sell. Some of the most common products our customers create are signs, trays, toys, guitars, home decor products, games, kitchen accessories, and furniture. You can browse ready-to-carve project designs in our Projects section. 

With a CNC milling machine like X-Carve, you are not just limited to making projects that are completed exclusively on the machine. Many customers use X-Carve to mill parts/fixtures for larger projects. You can also carve out segments that are assembled to make the final product. Some examples include modular furniture, inlays on larger pieces, or components that enhance other projects. Our YouTube channel is filled with videos from makers that use X-Carve for a variety of different projects.
If you’re building a project with multiple components or in an assembly line fashion, X-Carve can be used to make jigs, fixtures, and devices that expedite the assembly or production of other projects. Nick from Blink Lab Studios uses jigs to hold pieces in place for carving, assist with assembling his custom lampshades and maximize storage and efficiency in his small shop.

For those using an X-Carve to run their business, producing parts on an X-Carve can save time while ensuring precise accuracy. You can set up X-Carve to run multiple times a day (or hour) to increase production on repetitive jobs or commonly-carved projects. If you’re interested in using a CNC machine to grow or start a business at home, watch testimonials from real X-Carve business owners to learn how X-Carve helped their businesses. 

From custom signs, to modular furniture, the possibilities are endless. The X-Carve will be a great addition to the DIY Brunet shop.

Here are some custom pieces created with the X-Carve.

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