Rustic Barn Doors

Rustic Barn Doors

I have been working hard lately on building some custom rustic barn door for a few clients. This particular door was fun to build. It was constructed with reclaimed wood with a little mix of rough sawn red oak and some new “Big Box Store” wood. Now I typically do not like to get Big Box Store wood as it is hard to find nice pieces but since I was going for a rustic look, I was able to easily find pieces that would go along with the style of the door.

This door started out with by cutting down a sheet of 3/4in. plywood to 35in. x 83in. I then found the center of the plywood by measuring over 17 1/2 inches from the side and struck a line vertically down the piece of plywood.

Once all of the layout marks were made, I could start milling the rough sawn oak to width and planing one side of each piece down to the desired thickness. I only planed down one side of the lumber so that the non-planed side would be facing out and it would retain the rough sawn rustic look that I was going for.

After getting all of the strips of lumber cut and planed down to the desired sizes, I could start cutting my 45°  angles on each strip.

Now comes the fun part, I could now start to assemble the strips on the sheet of plywood. I would take strips of equal width and would lay them out so that their 45°  angle cut would butt up against one another creating the Chevron look I was going after. I would start this pattern one third of the way down the door continue this all the way down the door. I would leave the pieces long and the them over hang the side of the plywood.

Starting to layout the chevron pattern.

Once all of the strips have been laid out, I cut the excess with a track saw.

I later cut strips of one by material to put a frame around the sides of the door so that you wouldn’t see the separation from the plywood and the strips.

Layout of the chevron pattern and a frame around the circumference of the door.

More frame trim was added to the door.

Frame and trim was cut and attached to the door.

The customer wanted the door to be stained in a walnut color with all of the trim and back to be stained in a cherry color.

Stain was applied.

After a few coats of polyurethane were applied, we have a completed door!

Polyurethane was applied.

Here are a few pictures of the completed door.

The barn door is installed.

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