Mash Paddle for Home Brewing


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These mash paddles are specially hand crafted for all grain home brewing! Much easier than mixing your mash with a spoon, and way more classy! The slots in the hop design at the bottom help break up those pesky dough balls, and the edges are beveled to make it easy to scrape the sides and bottom of your mash tun for an even and thorough mix. They are sanded smooth and left unfinished so you don’t get any contaminants in your beer. The extra length and the quality of the wood give you the leverage and strength to handle even the thickest mash. These paddles are individually hand crafted from a single piece of white oak, and will exhibit variation in grain patterns and color. A great gift idea for your beer brewing friend or significant other! 35 inches long, and 5 inches wide.

Just let me know in the notes section at checkout what you want your paddle to say.

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Cherry, Maple, Purple Heart, Walnut


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