New Item in Shop!

New Item in Shop!

We now offer personalized walnut cheeseboards/charcuterie boards/ cutting boards in our shop!

These engraved wooden cheese/charcuterie boards make for a perfect gift for engagements, weddings, or housewarming events you may attend. Each charcuterie board is personalized with the person’s last name on premium highly-figured walnut. Each board is engraved on one side and the other side is left black for cutting on.

Each cheeseboard is $65. Check back often for special sales and promotions!

Please be aware that every cutting board is made from different wood, with the characteristics of the particular tree it was harvested from. Once we are finished engraving, we coat the board with a food-safe wood bowl finish and beeswax. The finish applied adds moisture into the board and helps protect the board from cracks. When the finish is dry, we buff it with a soft cloth, and package it for shipment to you!

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