Bathroom Remodel Part I

Bathroom Remodel Part I

When we bought our house, we immediately knew we would have to remodel our master bathroom as it was lacking the style and the feel that we were going for. Before we got to the bathroom, we started to remodel our master bedroom as this would set the style and look that we would like to carry through to our bathroom.

We started by milling down rough cut lumber to create our version of farmhouse shiplap. Tyler bought this rough cut poplar lumber from a local auction for pennies on the dollar. He spent a few weekends milling down the wood to give it the style and profiles we were going for. He attached the shiplap to the wall behind the bed creating an amazing accent wall!

Fast-forwarding to a few months later, we started thinking on how we wanted to tie the master bathroom into the bedroom. We knew we wanted to try something new and something unique that would fit the farmhouse style. We decided on making our own concrete counter top for the bathroom vanity. We knew this would tie the rustic side of farmhouse style into the modern look we were going for. But it didn’t stop there. We purchased top mount vessel sinks and waterfall faucets. We updated the lighting with two new vanity lights.

To bring the style of our bedroom into the bathroom, we continued the ship lap accent wall into the bathroom. This really added some style points to the project!

After some new paint on the walls and fresh paint on the existing vanity, half of our complete bathroom remodel was complete!

Here are some before and after pictures


Concrete Counter Top process:

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